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How to get rid of greasy hair



Everyone has dealt with greasy hair at some point. Our locks start to look greasy when there is a built up of natural oil, released from the sebaceous glands, on our scalp. Luckily, there are some tricks we can use to keep those excess oils at bay and enjoy hair that feels and looks cleaner, for longer.






Greasy hair can be a real hindrance and, because of our busy lives, we are always looking to get personal care tasks done quicker and more efficiently. Shampooing your hair in the shower isn’t unusual, right? But there could be more than just one benefit to turning the temperature down in your shower.


When using hot water on our head, the scalp pores will open and your sebaceous glands are stimulated. This, essentially, is adding more oil to an already oily scalp, which is bad news if you have hair that tends to get greasy very quickly. Setting your shower to the coolest you can bear means you’re not adding to the already greasy root. Using this method along with Colourway Anti-Grease shampoo is the perfect dream team for your greasy hair. And the second benefit, I hear you ask? Taking a cool shower is great for your body too! Your skin, circulatory and respiratory system become stronger - that’s for another post.



When shampooing, we have always been taught to “scrub” the daily or weekly dirt away. This scrubbing action naturally applies pressure to the scalp whilst it’s being cleaned. This is bad news if you have greasy hair because, you guessed it, it stimulates the oil factory that is the sebaceous gland. A simple way to change this is to firstly apply your Anti-Grease shampoo with your palms or flat fingers. Slowly massage the shampoo into the scalp. Once the full scalp is covered, leave for 5 minutes. Now, you’ll be thinking “Is the Anti-Grease shampoo doing it’s job?” but don’t worry, because it is. Shampoo is a detergent specially designed for our hair and scalp so, just like leaving carpet cleaner on our carpets, it’ll work it’s magic without your need to scrub. Repeat twice for grease free results. Leaving our shampoo on your scalp for a total of 10 minutes gives you the perfect amount of time to wash your body!



We all have habits that, most of the time, we’re not even aware we are doing. And hair touching is a favourite of the female sex. You should be aware by now that the sebaceous gland needs to be left alone if you want grease free hair for more than one day. Throughout the day, if you feel your hair needing a little ‘va va voom’, use a brush and not your hands. You don’t know what oils and dirt you have picked up on your hands throughout your day and we are far more likely to pressure our scalps with our hands than with a quick brush through the mid lengths and ends.


These three tips should leave you with hair that has less grease and more bounce. If you struggle with greasy hair, our Anti-Grease Shampoo and Nutrient Nourishing Conditioner will help keep those oils at bay.