How to care for frizzy hair
How to care for blonde hair



Do you constantly look like Monica from Friends? (If you’re a Gen-Z child watch Season 9 Episode 23 to get the reference). 


Is everyday a battle with frizzy, uncontrollable locks?


Well, you’ve come to the right place to learn to reduce the stress and control that bird’s nest! Truly frizzy hair is a result of the natural curly hair type paired with a low amount of natural oils being produced in the scalp. A secondary, cosmetic frizz comes from heat tools and colouring. So, which one are you? Once you know, follow my secret steps to win the war.





       Hair that isn’t being naturally softened with oil found in the scalp needs those levels replaced, from the roots down to the ends. Macadamia oil is a lightweight treatment oil that can be used directly on the roots. When the roots are being treated the new hair will get that well deserved hydration it needs to be frizz free. 


       You may be wondering if you can overuse Macadamia oil and the answer is no. Macadamia is a treatment oil and is absorbed by the hair in under a minute. Using treatment oils day and night will give your hair the moisture it needs to combat natural frizz.


       How can you protect your hair against the humidity and damp? Our Anti-Frizz serum adds a “rain coat” onto your hair. The ultra lightweight formula lays on top of each hair strand to protect it from damp and humidity and can be used on wet and dry hair.


       Never scrub your ends whilst towel drying your hair. This will promote frizz throughout your mid-lengths and ends. Instead, use a dabbing or squeezing action.



       Too much heat damage will add a damaged frizz to anyone’s hair. Maintaining moisture levels is vital for sleek and smooth hair. Look at the amount of times you use heat tools on your hair and see if you can reduce it. If you straighten your hair 5 times a week, can you reduce to 4? Try it for a month. The next month, reduce to 3. Doing this will reprogram your routine slowly, so you won’t miss that 5 times a week anymore. The best result is your hair will be full of gloss and dramatically less frizzy.


       Long-term colour damage can be permanently devastating to anyone’s hair. If this is you, consult with your colourist and find other options to reduce the amount of colouring on your hair. The difference in one appointment could be huge.


       Cosmetic frizz needs to be targeted by Macadamia oil and Anti-Frizz serum, but unlike natural frizz its not usually the root that needs the most attention. Look at your hair in a mirror after it’s naturally dried. Most people find that it’s the ends that need some TLC. Find the damaged areas and concentrate on those with both products. 


       Along with our Macadamia oil and Anti frizz serum, try introducing a moisturising treatment at least twice a week. Our Restoring Therapy treatment does what it says on the bottle - the restoring properties of keratin and Jojoba oil will give your hair the moisture and strength it needs to be beautiful AND manageable.

Hello control, goodbye frizz.



Colourway Macadamia Oil can be used day and night and on wet or dry hair to add up to 90% more moisture when used regularly. Our Anti-Frizz Serum has an ultra lightweight formula and is suitable for all hair types. Our Restoring Therapy Treatment brings your mid-lengths and ends back to life in 20 minutes. Shop our range here.